Twinning Procedure

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Procedures for Signing a Twin Cities Agreement  

In light of the many requests made by different organizations and administrations throughout the world to create a Twin Cities Agreement with the City of Haifa, the following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Receipt of a written request made by an official figure from the city (Mayor, Head of the Foreign Affairs Division) interested in creating a Twin Cities Agreement with Haifa.
  2. Examining joint ideas, identifying important topics on which the ties could be based over time, and examining the possibility of carrying out exchange visits by delegations and of implementing joint projects.
  3. Signing an MOU based on the agreed topics for cooperation.
  4. Once ties have indeed been founded and filled with content to the satisfaction of both sides, the process will be advance towards the signing of a Friendship Agreement between the two cities.
  5. Following a period of three years, after recognizing the fact that the ties are in fact extensive and ongoing, it would be possible to upgrade the level of ties from a Friendship Pact agreement to a Twin Cities Agreement.

Following a clarification made by the Union of Local Authorities in Israel, it was determined that there is no precedent to establishing a Twin Cities Pact agreement between two cities in Israel with the same city abroad. Furthermore, The Union of Local Authorities in Israel recommends investing time and resources in fostering existing ties with the cities with which a Twin Cities Agreement has already been established.

In light of the above, in the case whereby the city making the request already has a Twin City in Israel – a Twin City Agreement will not be signed. Haifa Municipality would be pleased to examine joint topics and interests on which the ties would be based between Haifa and the city making the request, without signing a formal Twin Cities Agreement, but rather signing a cooperative ties agreement on topics relevant to both sides.