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San Francisco, U.S.A

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Mayor: Ms. London Breed

Population:  837,442 residents.

General information and special features

San Francisco is renowned for its beauty and its unique sites, making it an ideal tourist attraction. Consequently, many around the world believe San Francisco to be the most beautiful city on Earth. The city's population includes a wide variety of ethnic, cultural and traditional groups. The city's landscape's most prominent feature is of course the famous Golden Gate Bridge, inaugurated in 1937 and built at a total cost of 35 million dollars. Other famous sites are Alcatraz Prison in the San Francisco Bay, the renovated art-deco style Paramount cinema, and so on. The urban landscape is dotted with many parks, coastal highways, streetcars, and boasts Fillmore Street with its famous slopes, the Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, and many other sites.


San Francisco's business community includes upwards of 60,000 prosperous small enterprises, as well as some of USA's leading companies (listed in Fortune 500).The city offers a wide range of resources for enterprises, including incentives, guidance plans, access to capital and connecting businesses to the city's services.      

In addition, San Francisco has a business-friendly transport infrastructure – its airport in 9th in size in the USA, and 14th in size in the world. More than 72 billion dollars' worth of merchandise passes through SF's harbor annually. 


San Francisco is home to many variegated cultural establishments, with the Museum of Modern Art worthy of special mention. 

The Haifa-San Francisco Twin Cities Treaty was signed in 1973.