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Portsmouth, Great Britain

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Lord Mayor: Councilor David Fuller 

Population: 205,400 residents.

A brief history of the city

Initially, Portsmouth was a Saxon fishing village that evolved into a military fortified city, until it became home of the strongest fleet in European history. In 1194 Portsmouth officially earned the status of a city, through a royal charter from King Richard the Lionheart. The first wharf in Portsmouth was constructed in 1495. In 1557 a great fire ravaged the city's buildings, and Queen Elizabeth I ordered a country-wide fundraiser for the benefit of the city's residents.  

In time, various port services were developed in the city: shipyards and a hospital for seamen were built, and a naval armament shop was opened, adding to the city's maritime reputation. Renowned author Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth in 1812; this is where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the first story portraying the character of the famous detective - Sherlock Holmes. During WW2 the city was constantly bombarded by the Nazis. Portsmouth's port was one of the major departure points on D-Day.

General information and special features

Portsmouth is part of Hampshire County in southern England. It is the home of one of the main bases of the British navy, and is also one of England's most popular tourist and vacation destinies. Most of the city lies on Portsea Island, a narrow peninsula that separates two coves in the English Channel: Portsmouth Port in the west and Langston Port in the east.

As a port town with a large naval base, the main attractions in the city are the wharf and the historic shipyards, where some of the most famous old battleships can be found, some dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.


Being a dynamic modern city, Portsmouth is an excellent spot for industry and commerce, especially due to its access to naval routes. In addition to its prosperous maritime industries, Portsmouth is home to giant companies such as Alenia Marconi, Astrium, IBM, Apple, Pall Europe, McLaren, and Swiss insurance industries.

The Haifa-Portsmouth Twin Cities Treaty was signed in 1962