Fort Lauderdale, U.S.A

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Mayor: Mr. Dean J. Trantalis

Population: 183,000 residents.

General information and special features

Fort Lauderdale is renowned for its beaches, stretching along more than ten kilometers, and for having Florida's most beautiful promenade. The Atlantic offers a perfect environment for water sports, diving and snorkeling. The city also offers an abundance of parks and recreational sites. A distinctive communal characteristic is the College for Neighborhood Leadership.

Its aim is to supply the locals with an opportunity to get more information about the local government and to get more involved, and offers free lessons the year throughout, dealing with a variety of subjects relevant to the city and its management. An essential function of the program is to encourage and support denizens who strive to partake in active and creative civilian lives.

Municipal authorities

Fort Lauderdale has a Commission-Manager form of government. City policy is set by a city commission of five elected members: the mayor and four district commission members who serve for a term of three years. The city's Administrative functions are performed by a city manager, who is appointed by the city commission. 


Fort Lauderdale has adopted an active and professional economic growth program that offers solutions for the needs of companies in the area. In collaboration with local, regional and governmental organizations, the city supplies technical assistance and support services to its businesses and industry.  


The city holds many festivals and events, including SunTrust – a jazz afternoon on Sundays, a weekly musical soiree in its downtown, Earth Festival in April, the Fish Festival, an annual blues festival, the Sun Sentinel Boating Festival and so on. Some of the many museums in the city are the Naval Museum, the Fort Lauderdale History Center, the Museum of Art, and the Museum of Discovery and Science and more. 

The Haifa-Fort Lauderdale Twin Cities Treaty was signed on March 7, 2002.

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