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Shanghai, China

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Mayor: Mr. Ying Yong

Population: Approx. 24,150,000 residents.

General information and special features

Shanghai is the largest city by population in China. With an impressive harbor, the city is a center for business, commerce and industry, as well as a center of science and technology. The city is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, with a conduit to the Pacific Ocean.

The city’s Bund Street holds Western-style ancient buildings, and is known as the World’s Architecture Fair, because of the unique mixture of Western and Eastern building styles. In Shanghai’s north-west is located the Jade Buddha Temple, the city’s most popular temple, known for its two Buddha statues made of jade. Of greater interest is the city’s Yuyuan Garden, conceived during the Ming Dynasty.


The city’s GNP is close to 500 billion yuan a year. The main industries in Shanghai are Hi-Tech (mainly electronic information) and vehicle production. The city has 69 foreign financial establishments, 24 of which deal in the local currency market. The retail trade produced 4,194 shops of various kinds, including 1,090 supermarkets. The city has eight main commercial centers, as well as trade markets selling agricultural produce and by-products amongst other things.


Shanghai hosts international cultural events, including Shanghai’s International Art Festival, the International Spring Music Festival, and Shanghai International Film Festival etc. Shanghai has 36 culture centers, 32 public libraries, 20 museums and 29 art troupes.

The Haifa-Shanghai Twin Cities Treaty was signed on June 21, 1993.