Mainz, Germany

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Lord Mayor: Mr. Michael Ebling

Population: 202,756 residents.

Brief Historical Overview of the City

The city originated in a Celt settlement that later on became the center of Germania Superior, a province of the Roman Empire. In the course of time Mainz evolved to be a prosperous metropolis of the area, boasting the foremost cotton and textile industries along the Rhine.

During the 18th century Mainz was alternately annexed to German and French reigns. The 19th century saw the formation of the modern Electorate of Mainz, on the lands of the province formerly conquered by the French. Under the rule of Louis I, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine, the former Electorate developed and prospered, and became the area’s spiritual capital. During the years, Mainz was the battlefield of intense religious-political struggles between duchies and various Christian denominations.

General information and special features

Mainz on the Rhine is Germany’s wine capital, and the birthplace of the Information Age. The city is located an hour’s drive away from 10 out of 13 of Germany’s wine growing areas. Mainz is surrounded by vineyards and is the home of the German Wine Institute and the Association of German Premium Wine Producers. An enormous Wine Market is held annually in the city, attracting half a million visitors during the last couple of weeks in August.

Mainz was the hometown of Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the mechanical movable type printing.

The city is characterized by ancient buildings, many churches and glorious palaces. The city also takes pride in the Dom – a thousand-years-old cathedral.


One of Europe’s busiest airports is located in Mainz, which became the industrial-commercial hub of West Central Germany. Many electronics and communication companies, as well as TV and radio stations, are located in the city.


The annual Mainz Carnival is one of the largest events in Germany, involving all of the city’s population. Mainz has theaters, a cabaret, an opera house and dance troupes.

The Haifa-Mainz Twin Cities Treaty was signed on March 30, 1987.

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