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A delegation from Hongkou

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 A delegation from Hongkou
Photo by Reuven Cohen

April. A delegation from Hongkou District, Shanghai, headed by Ms. Gao Xiang, District Deputy Governor, came to discuss possible collaborations between Haifa and Kiryat Haim and Hongkou District.

Currently, there are good associations between schools in Kiryat Haim and in Hongkou, and there is a Hebrew language studies platform at a college and a school in Hongkou. In the field of culture, Hongkou conducts several projects relating to Israel. For instance, in 2012, an exhibition was held on the issue of Jewish refugees in Shanghai; the year 2020 will mark 20th anniversary of the Jewish Museum in Hongkou. In addition, a high-tech agreement was signed in 2012, and in 2014, the Dabaishu-Haifa hiCenter Startup Incubator Service Center was established. Hongkou seeks to find more areas for future cooperation. In education, for instance, their interest lies in technology education in elementary schools, such as the model of the Scientific Pre-Schools in Kiryat Haim and the New BOSMAT Science &Technology School.