Evolving Hadar neighborhood became a destination for new immigrants and boasts the most colorful population in the city

When talking about a melting pot, one usually refers to a large group of heterogeneous people who after a while become a homogenous, unified group. In this respect, with the wide variety of populations living there, Hadar is not a melting pot: the different and diverse groups that compose the neighborhood maintain their uniqueness, despite and because of the constant interaction between them.

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Following a revolutionary overhaul of the public transport system in Haifa, Yefe Nof is on the verge of launching a cable railway line

In recent years, the Israeli Ministry of Transport resolved to promote and advance the priorities of public transport and infrastructure, instead of encouraging private vehicles and expansion of roads. Being a branch of the Minisrty of Transport, Haifa's Yefe Nof company, a municipal corporation, has been working for years to advance this vision within the city limits, but also outside of city jurisdiction and at the whole metropolis area.

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Narendra Modi, the first Indian PM to visit Israel, came to Haifa to unveil a plaque at the Indian War Cemetery 

"There is a slice of history in the city of Haifa that is very dear to my country. This is the final resting place for 44 of the Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives during World War I to liberate the city," Said Indian PM Narendra Modi on his historical visit to Israel.

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BLAZING SEASONLarge areas in Haifa were consumed by fires that turned the peaceful city into a war zone

November 24 is a date that Haifa will not forget anytime soon.

It was the fourth day of wildfires that spread all over the country, at the end of a long hot summer and a period of extremely dry conditions. The vegetation stood arid, brown, and brittle, the winds were wild, and the combination was disastrous. All it took to start an uncontrollable fire was a spark, and what in normal conditions could have been extinguished by a bucket of water, now quickly developed into a raging sea of flames.

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Northward Ho

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to help businesses in northern Israel to become economically independent For years, businesses in Haifa and the North were complaining about being underprivileged in comparison with Tel Aviv District and the Sharon region, in terms of less customers and suppliers, remoteness from the decision-making center, and higher freight costs.

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