A delegation led by Mayor of Bremen

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A delegation led by Mayor of Bremen

A delegation led by Mayor of Bremen, Dr. Carsten Sieling, visited Haifa to mark the 40th anniversary of the Haifa Arts Foundation, and to take part in Haifa's International Film Festival, which the Foundation has supported from its very first day.

Accompanied by the Mayor's Advisor for German speaking countries, Dr. Rafi Karpel, the guests toured various sites in the city, where they were introduced to projects the Foundation supported in recent years, such as Poem Route—an open museum in Wadi Nisnas, where the walls have become pages of poetry.

On Saturday, 22.9.18, the delegation attended the opening of The International Film Festival. On 23.9, the Tikotin Museum held a gala screening of the film All Inclusive, hailing from the city of Bremen. Attending the screening were the Mayor of Bremen, Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, and the film's Director, Eike Besuden, who was a member of the delegation.

During their stay in Israel, the delegation met with the Director of Unistream, a society introducing underprivileged Israeli teens to the business world.

Members of the Haifa Arts Foundation and Deputy Mayor Mrs. Hedva Almog attended a gala dinner On 24.9. Music was played by students from Rubin Conservatory and AlCarmel Music Association, two institutes to which the Foundation gives scholarships annually.