The 7th China–Israel Hi-Tech Investment Summit

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The 7th China–Israel Hi-Tech Investment Summit
photo taken by Yoav Bachar

The 7th China–Israel Hi-Tech Investment Summit took place at Dan Carmel Hotel. In recent years, Haifa Municipality, Haifa Economic Cooperation (HEC) and Messila – Medical Startup Academy, organize the summit. The summit covered new trends in various cutting-edge technologies: robotics in medicine and digital health; smart transportation and smart safe city; cyber security and AI; 3D printing; biotech and new technologies for the aging; renewable energy technologies.

Attending the Summit were top Chinese investors, government officials and representatives, who experienced three days of intensive introduction, information, learning and networking with Israeli entrepreneurs. The honorable ambassador Zhan Yongxin represented the Chinese Embassy in Israel.

During the Summit, a memorandum of understanding was signed by HEC and BEXEN Company—representing investors from Chengdu—concerning the establishment of a startup accelerator in the field of water, In Haifa's Life Sciences Park. In the first phase, the project will focus on clean energy and agriculture, and recruitment of startups from the relevant fields.

The first Chinese accelerator in Haifa will serve as a platform for Chinese-Israeli cooperation in the areas of digital health, life sciences, smart cities and agro-tech. It is also expected to deepen the cooperation of basic research and high-edge technologies between universities from China and Israel.

Chinese Ambassador to Israel Zhan Yongxin, said, "this new initiative demonstrates the important position of Haifa in the innovation cooperation between China and Israel, and reflects the great potential of our cooperation."