Symposium that was part of BUGA

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Symposium that was part of BUGA
Courtesy of Erfurt Municipality

August. Artists from seven of Erfurt's twin cities, as well as two Erfurt artists, attended the sculpting symposium that was part of BUGA—the Federal Horticultural Show that takes place every five years in Thuringia, Germany.

The sculptures they created were positioned at the open-air Sculpture Garden of Twin Cities, on the grounds of Petersberg Citadel.

Representing Haifa were Yanai Kellner and Hadi Kalil, resident artists at Pyramida Contemporary Art Center and studio neighbors.  Their cooperation led to the creation of The Grasp, a massive and impressive work bearing political undertones. With its ominous cement plates surrounding a green sphere, it could easily be interpreted as a discussion about power and control, but at the same time it has the aura of some ancient construction, a Stonehenge of sorts, or perhaps even a playground.