The Town Hall building was lit in yellow

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The Town Hall building was lit in yellow
photo by Reuven Cohen

January. The Town Hall building was lit in yellow — the color of the star that Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi regime—to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Haifa Mayor, Einat Kalisch Rotem: "Members of the UN General Assembly have determined that 27 January,

the date on which the Auschwitz death camp was liberated, will become an international day of remembrance, in which the world is ordered to commemorate the memory of the Holocaust. 

"For us, the Holocaust is not only the greatest disaster in the history of humanity, but prior to this the greatest disaster experienced by the Jewish people. For us Jews, this is not only a national remembrance day, but also a personal one, in which we recollect our people who were murdered for one reason only—because they were Jews."