The Holiday of Holidays Festival

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The Holiday of Holidays Festival
photo by Reuven Cohen

December. The Holiday of Holidays Festival returned for the 27th time, with all its beloved and familiar traditions, only in a somewhat different format: in accordance with guidelines, outlines, restrictions and limitations, the events are held mostly online, and where possible in public spaces, galleries and open studios.

Events include Christmas tours of the city; a special 30th anniversary reunion of Jish (Ehud Banai, Salem Darwish and George Samaan); festive broadcasts of Aljbl Radio; an outdoor exhibition by Haifa artists; a live performance by Tijwal Ensemble; Haifa cooking workshops; classical concert in the church; a tribute to Umm Kulthum and so on.

The festival is the initiative of Beit HaGefen, a Jewish Arab cultural center, and Haifa Municipality. It was founded with the intention of creating opportunities for intercultural encounters that promote and foster tolerance and mutual respect through culture and art.

The new attraction of the festival is a virtual mission game that takes place all around Haifa, emphasizing the idea of Haifa as a multicultural city, its history and present. Participants from all parts of the world can play the game by registering at , where one can also get updates and a glimpse of the events, and experience the Holiday of Holidays from home.