Mike Brant Avenue

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Mike Brant Avenue
photo by Reuven Cohen

August. Mike Brant Avenue was inaugurated in Kiryat Eliezer, Haifa, not far from 10 Sarah St., where the singer grew up.

Considered the most successful Israeli international star of all time, Brant was immortalized in Paris—where there is a square bearing his name—but was not until now commemorated in Israel.

Mayor Dr. Einat Kalisch Rotem said, "We right an injustice by naming an avenue after the beloved singer with a rare voice, Mike Brant. Mike may have died 45 years ago, but his image and songs will continue to accompany his legion of admirers for many more years, here in Haifa and around the world."

Moshe Michael Brand was born in 1947 at the Immigrant Camp in Cyprus, to where his Holocaust surviving parents were deported. Upon release from the detention camp, the family immigrated to Israel and settled in Haifa.

In 1969, Brant moved to France, where he had huge success with his first and most famous hit, Laisse-moi t'aimer, without even knowing French.

In 1975, Brant took his own life and was interred at the Carmel Beach Cemetery in Haifa. Brant's tomb has become a place of pilgrimage, visited by many admirers from Israel and around the world.

Among those attending the street inauguration ceremony was Zvika Brand, who thanked the mayor for the initiative to name a street after his brother, saying, "It is time to commemorate the sons of the city of Haifa, where Mike grew up and which he loved".