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Daniella Borchard, Untitled

November. The exhibition TANDEM - HAIFA - BREMEN opened at Pyramid Contemporary Art Center, featuring works of Haifa and Bremen artists.

Since 2004, the Bremen Art Fellowship awards scholarships to visual artists from Bremen's twin cities: Dalian (China), Gdansk (Poland), Durban (South Africa), Haifa (Israel), Izmir (Turkey) and Riga (Latvia). The Bremen Parliament and the Bremer Heimstiftung jointly sponsor the scholarship, a gift from Bremen to the artists of its twin cities. Thus, during their stay in Bremen, the artists can do what they need for themselves and their work, while creating contacts with local colleagues. So far, 47 artists from Bremen's twin cities have come to Bremen via the scholarship, including eight from Haifa.

During their stay in Bremen, the artists from Haifa got to know several colleagues and their work, and could suggest whom they wanted to wotk with. That is how "tandems" come into being. In this way, the artistic project also reflects the understanding and solidarity of people from both twin cities.

This year, the exhibition honors the memory of former Bremen Parliament President, Christian Weber, who passes away this year. Mr. Weber made the Israeli-German friendship and the Haifa-Bremen partnership his top priority.

Artists featured in the current exhibition are Daniela Borchard-Ratner, Nir Dvorai, Doron Elia, Soledad Har Sheleg, Liav Mizrahi, David Oppenheim, Miriam Sharon, Netalie Zohar, Norbert Bauer, Anja Fussbach, Tilman Rothermel, Piotr Rambowski, Edeltraut Rath, Eliana Renner, Joachim Pohlenk and Pia Pollmanns. The exhibition closes on December 31.