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Magnificent Heritage

Magnificent Heritage
Photo by Arik Rubin

Haifa's Bauhaus Buildings Have More Than Meets the Eye.
Haifa celebrated the 100 anniversary of the Bauhaus School, in a series of events in various parts of the city. Says Waleed Karkabi, Director of the Site Preservation Department of the Haifa Municipality, "When we mark a hundred years of the Bauhaus design and architecture school, which, of course, was founded in Weimar,

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A conference of commercial, trade
Photo by Reuven Cohen

June. A conference of commercial, trade, science and innovation attaches from foreign embassies in Israel took place in Haifa.

During the Conference, the representatives were introduced to ongoing activities in Haifa in the fields of innovation, science and technology, in order to promote international cooperation and assistance to local companies, as well as being acquainted with Haifa's entrepreneurial, technological, medical and economic sides.

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Sixty-six groups, hundreds of mentors and thousands of children took part in Destination: Deep Space 2019, Israel's largest robotics competition. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition combines the excitement of sports with the accuracy and precision of science.

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Dozens of high-tech companies will operate from the emerging Haifa Life Sciences Park

Dozens of high-tech companies specializing in medicine and life sciences will soon operate from the emerging Life Sciences Park, located at Haifa’s southern entrance, opposite Matam High-tech Park and in proximity to Sami Ofer Stadium and Naot Peres Neighborhood.

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Rambam hospital has been synonymous with superb professional healthcare, comprehensive and loving health teams, innovative medical practices alongside a thriving co-existence among its co-workers and patients.

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The city of Haifa has all the assets to breed an assembly line of successful start-ups. As home to the illustrious Technion, which continues to rank as one of the leading tech and science research universities in the world, it delivers a crop of new tech talent each and every year.

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Every year, about 300,000 visitors, of all ages, backgrounds and geographic locations, take part in its activities. It is the only museum where you see Orthodox Jews, Arabs, the elderly, school children, what have you, all walk around soaking in the experience. It is a true melting pot of Israeli society.

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The Technion is one of the world’s most recognized and respected science and technology research universities with over 13,000 students many of whom are set to leave their mark on the world.

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The new beautiful, gold-capped Sammy Ofer Stadium offers an impressive entrance into the city. The ambitious project, which took 3 years to complete is Israel’s finest sporting facility and has brought a lot of pride for Haifa’s citizens.

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