Twin City Challenge #1

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Twin City Challenge #1
Photo courtesy of Bremen Municipality

July-August. Twin City Challenge #1—a multi-day art festival based on the twin city relations between Bremen & Haifa—took place from July 29 to August 1.

The project was developed by Israeli based architect and artist Roy Fabian and Bremen based artist Elianna Renner and event producer Susanne von Essen.

The aim of the Twin City Challenge is to pick up the character traits of the selected twin city and to bring them into dialogue with the current urban biography of both cities. Features, attributes and characteristics of the two cities become the platform of exchange and communication.

In Bremen, Visitors to Wochenmarkt Domshof, where the event took place, were met with occasional pre-recorded sounds from Talpiot market in Haifa, as part of the sound installation Rasch (rush, in German, and also ra'ash – Noise – in Hebrew). The sound installation will be heard over loud-speakers, blending with the local Bremen market, offering occasional audio glimpses into Talpiot.

Local artists who worked in tandem with their Bremen contemporaries were Dave Yaakov, Daid behar, Iddo Markus, Sharon Glazberg, Hamody Gannam, Yael Azoulay and Nitzan Satt.