Odessa is a twin city of Haifa

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Odessa is a twin city of Haifa
Photo by Odesa Municipality

Odessa is a twin city of Haifa since September 13, 1992. The cooperation proved fruitful, with activities along the years including a joint cartoon exhibition held in Haifa (April 2009)

on International Humor Day, which featured 50 works by 12 leading cartoonists from the twin cities; Zvi Roger’s photo exhibition Modern Haifa; exchange of sports teams for the traditional judo competitions; and a visit by a delegation from Odessa to participate in the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Haifa's Rotary Club. In addition, there have been several reciprocal visits by the mayors of both cities.

Recently, the relations between the cities peaked when, in acknowledgment of the time-tested successful cooperation, Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov offered the city of Haifa a gift in the form of the Anchor Heart sculpture – Odessa's tourism symbol. In December 2019, Odessa Deputy Mayor Mr. Pavel Vugelman visited Haifa to survey the possibilities for cooperation with Odessa and to explore and find the best place to position the 2-meters high 1.2-meter wide Anchor Heart sculpture.

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, it was prevented from both sides to bring this initiative to fruition. Our ambition is to renew the search for a suitable spot for the sculpture in Haifa, to install and inaugurate it.