official trip to Bremen

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Mayor Kalisch Rotem made her first official trip to Bremen, Germany

Mayor Kalisch Rotem made her first official trip to Bremen, Germany where, among other things, she visited Überseestadt, Bremen's former docklands that are currently being transformed into a vibrant quarter for the 21st century.

Kalisch Rotem: "It was amazing to see entire docks where industrial buildings are being turned into residential and commercial buildings; new and modern buildings with affordable housing, located right on the water's edge, attesting to a deep understanding of economic models that can make an immense difference. The city of Bremen should be an inspiration to Haifa, but it would be impossible without starting with the most important issue: the airport. Bremen, a twin city of Haifa's, has an airport with a 3-kilometer runway, situated merely 2.5 kilometers from the historic town. Bremen is a port town and an industrial town, which is also a historical city, with its face forward and an exceptional urban vision."

On the occasion, Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra held a special concert attended by Germany's President Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Mayor of Bremen Mr. Carsten Sieling; 1,200 guests showed up for the fundraiser event for Haifa and Holocaust survivors.

Kalisch Rotem: "The immense fondness for our city was unusually exciting. It was an honor for me to represent Haifa, along with Haifa's Secretary General and Chair of the Haifa Arts Foundation, Mrs. Bracha Sela and the Fund's staff. There also is a bit of news for music lovers: the breathtaking pianist Fazil Say and the conductor Steven Sloane—soon to become the musical director of the Jerusalem Symphony—promised me to perform with the Haifa Symphony!"