Daniella Borchard, Untitled

November. The exhibition TANDEM - HAIFA - BREMEN opened at Pyramid Contemporary Art Center, featuring works of Haifa and Bremen artists.

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A Delegation from Marseille, France

A delegation from Marseille, France
Photo by Reuven Cohen

September. A delegation from Marseille, Haifa's Sister City, headed by Vice Mayor Mr. Daniel Sperling has arrived in Haifa to promote and deepen the cooperation between the two cities. Delegation members visited the Technion and met with representatives from the Economic society. Haifa Mayor Einat Kalisch Rotem and Mr. Sperling signed an agreement for economic cooperation between the cities, as well as proposals for cooperation in various fields, including joint work on smart cities and big data, and advancement of blue-tech (marine technology) issues such as sea pollution, sea food, marine geology and marine biology.


A delegation from Hongkou

April. A delegation from Hongkou District, Shanghai, headed by Ms. Gao Xiang, District Deputy Governor, came to discuss possible collaborations between Haifa and Kiryat Haim and Hongkou District.

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Mr. Rodney Mazinter

ice-chairman of the South African Zionist Federation
Dan Plato

April. Mr. Rodney Mazinter, Vice-chairman of the South African Zionist Federation in the Western Cape, delivered a warm letter from Mr. Plato Daniel, Mayor of Cape Town  to Dr. Einat Kalisch Rotem, Mayor of Haifa. The letter conveyed Mayor Daniel's wish to re-establish the ties between Cape town and its Twin City since 1975 - Haifa

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German expert in paving asphalt roads

As part of the fruitful cooperation between Haifa and its twin city Düsseldorf, Rolf Sander, a German expert in paving asphalt roads visited the city in order to exchange information and share his experience with the local Construction Department. The main topic which was discussed was maintenance of urban roads. After a tour of several location and meetings with the professional staff of the municipality, the expert send a report with insights and suggested methods of action. 

The German Connection

Haifa City Museum

Haifa marks 40 years of twin cities relations with Germany

Currently, Haifa has five German twin cities—Bremen, Mainz, Erfurt, Düsseldorf and Mannheim—the relations with which are steadfast and bustling. The last agreement was signed with Mannheim in 2009, but the first one was already signed with Bremen forty years ago, merely three years after the first visit of an Israeli Prime Minister—Yitzhak Rabin—in Germany.

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