Haifa Half Marathon

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Haifa Half Marathon
Photo by Reuven Cohen

February. The annual Haifa Half Marathon has returned in a digital format. For 22 years, Haifa's half marathon has attracted thousands of participants from Israel and abroad. This year it took place under COVID-19 restrictions and in a digital format.

About 700 runners in 66 locations participated. They could choose whether to run alone or in capsules according to government guidelines, as well as choose their desired routes–in nature, in the city or on the beaches in Haifa, in Israel or abroad. The available routes were of 21.1 km (half marathon); 15 km; 10 km; 5 km and 2.5 km.

On the day of the race, the participants logged into the racing app, which identified the runner, measured the distance and running time, and tracked the participants' running routes.