A Peace Game at Sami Ofer Stadium

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A Peace Game at Sami Ofer Stadium
Photo courtesy of the Sami Ofer Stadium

October. The most loved and popular soccer stars from Brazil joined former Israeli soccer stars for a Peace Game at Sami Ofer Stadium, Haifa.Brazil's team of former soccer stars, led by Ronaldinho and Bebeto, included Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Kaka, Kafu, Marcelo Goncalves, Giovanni, Aldair, Julio Cesar Baptista and Cesar Sampaio. The Israeli team featured Jewish, Christian and Muslim players, led by former Israeli national team coach Shlomo Scharf.

The Brazilian beat the locals 4-2.

The goal of the project was to bring people together through the sport that bridges the gaps between cultures, as spread the message of peace. Accordingly, children from the Israel settlements near the border with Gaza Strip were invited to the game, along with Palestinian children.