Hero of Haifa Ceremony

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Hero of Haifa ceremony
Photo by Reuven Cohen

September. The battle of Haifa was one of the most spectacular displays of bravery in World War I. On September 23, 1918, the 15th Cavalry Brigade, comprising lancers from Hyderabad, Jodhpur and Mysore, carried out an assault on the fortified city of Haifa, guarded by joint force of Ottomans, Germans and Austro-Hungarians. Major Dalpat Singh MC, who was leading the Jodhpur Lancers in battle, fell gallantly during the charge and named Hero of Haifa.

 As of 2010, the Indian Embassy, in collaboration with the Haifa History Society and Haifa municipality, conduct an impressive memorial service for the Hero of Haifa and his comrades, who fell in the battle to liberate the town after 402 years of Ottoman rule. The 10 annual ceremony took place at the British Cemetery on Yaffo St., with Indian Ambassador Mr. Pavan Kapoor and Vice Mayor Davis Etzioni attending.