Bahá'í World Center

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Bahá'í World Center
Photo courtesy of the Bahá’í World Centre

October. To celebrate the 200th birthday of the Herald Prophet of the Baha'i Faith—the Báb—the Bahá'í World Center held two "Bahá'í Nights" during the days of the Haifa International Film Festival. About twenty thousand visitors frequented the event, during which one could descend and ascend the terraces at the lower half of the Garden, from the lower entrance on Ben Gurion Boulevard to the main entrance on Hatzionut Avenue, and back.

The shrine with the Golden Dome – the Báb's resting place since 1909 – was open to visitors, while the Visitors Center screened a documentary about the Bahá'í on the hour, every hour.

Concurrently, Dr. David Rutstein was announced the new Secretary-General of the Bahá'í International Community, succeeding Dr. Joshua Lincoln who had been serving in this capacity since 2013. Haifa Mayor Einat Kalisch Rotem hosted a reception for Dr. Rutstein and a farewell party for Dr. Lincoln, handing him a certificate of appreciation, thanking him for his actions to reinforce the connections between the Bahá'í community and the city and citizens of Haifa.