China Week

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China Week
Photo by Reuven Cohen

July. The Israeli Consulate in Chengdu is currently promoting tourism between the two countries, specifically following the launching of flights from Israel to Chengdu, a twin city of Haifa. Continuing the tendency to strengthen the ties with the twin city, a delegation from Chengdu, headed by deputy secretary general of Chengdu Municipal Government, Ms. Liao Chengzhen, has arrived in Haifa.

The delegation met with Deputy Mayor Rabbi Dov Hayoun to discuss ways of deepening the relationship between the cities and expanding the areas of cooperation. Among the subjects discussed were exchange of information technology; student exchange between the University of Chengdu and the Technion and Haifa University; regular participation of delegations of musicians at Chengdu's young bands festival; the participation of a Chengdu children show at the Haifa International Children Theater Festival taking place annually in April.

It was agreed that a China Week incorporating food and entertainment would be established in Haifa, so that its residents will be better acquainted with Chinese culture. In addition, a cultural festival will be held in October in Chengdu, and a parallel exhibition might take place at Haifa's Pyramid Gallery.