A delegation from South America

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A delegation from South America
Photo by Reuven Cohen

April. A delegation from South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Mexico) arrived in Haifa in order to learn about the economic, social and environmental impact on poverty, sustainability, culture, education, politics and economics, focusing on the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The delegation comprised some 25 people including business people, academics, entrepreneurs, and representatives from the government and various embassies. Mr. Pedro Tarak, Founder and President of Sistema B - an international civil movement and organization devoted to solving populations' issues by implementing new concepts for success in economics, such as sustainability—headed the delegation.

The Deputy Mayor, Attorney David Etzioni, greeted the participants and highlighted the subject of coexistence in Haifa. Mr. Or Shahaf, CEO of Haifa Economic Corporation, introduced Haifa's ecosystem as a city of start-up, business, culture, and health and the Life Sciences Park, currently under construction.

Prof. Gustavo Mesch, Rector of Haifa University, talked about the ways the University is dealing with a changing world where professions disappear, and the need to find an academic solution for that. He mentioned Green MBA, an international MBA program specializing in sustainability and environment, as well as the Port Campus, which is part of Haifa's ecosystem.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Issi Doron from the Department of Gerontology presented the Haifa University's flagship program, leading social change by preventing exclusion and social inequality, and working to reduce discrimination and augment justice and social solidarity.