A delegation of six from the city of Nanjing

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A delegation of six from the city of Nanjing
Photo by Reuven Cohen

March. A delegation of six from the city of Nanjing, led by Deputy Secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Shen Wenzu, arrived in Haifa with the intention of promoting cooperation between Haifa and Nanjing.

The delegation was received at the City Hall by Deputy Mayor Mr. David Etzioni, accompanied by CEO of Haifa Economic Corporation, Mr. Or Shahaf. During the meeting, the sides discussed possibilities of cooperation between Haifa and Nanjing, especially in relation to the high-tech park.

Mr. Shahaf introduced the Life Sciences Park to the guests, offering Nanjing contingency to open its hi-tech center at the Park's offices, so they will be in close proximity to the Technion and other leading institutions such as Rambam Hospital.

Mr. Etzioni explained to the delegation that we were on the brink of general elections, and that if the Finance Minister remains in office, the possibility of issuing a delegation to China for economic cooperation will be examined.