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photo by Haifa Spokesperson office

August. Dozens of sea turtles were released into the Mediterranean after hatching from their eggs on a Nature and Parks Authority hatching farm. The eggs originated on the shores of Haifa, where the mothers laid them in the dead of night. To promise the wellbeing of the turtles, passage of vehicles was forbidden in the laying areas, and inspectors of the Nature and Parks Authority constantly ensured that the turtles and their eggs come to no harm.

Dr. Yaniv Levy, a sea turtles ecologist at the Nature and Parks Authority: "Sea turtles are endangered worldwide and in Israel. For 20 years, the Haifa Municipality has been working to recuperate and save the sea turtle population in Israel. We were happy to see Haifa Municipality join the mission of protecting the sea turtles."

Yael Olek, the Municipal Ecologist: "Thanks to Coastal Department employees ensuring their safety, dozens of green and brown turtles, two endangered species, were allowed to paddle for the first time in the open sea, having been released at a touching event at the beach."