Beit Miller

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Beit Miller
Photo by Beit Miller

July-August. Beit Miller conducted a unique project of online web leadership program for young people, with the purpose of offering them tools and opportunities to meet their peers worldwide in order to generate a global online web campaign designed to  achieve a significant change on an agreed upon issue of global nature.

The project offered the paricipants an intensive webinar comprised six workshops fully paid for by the Haifa Rotary Club. The webinar syllabus included issues such as creating a professional online campaign; professional filming; editing video materials; global brainstorming in order to formulate the issue at hand; tools for effective work in small groups; defining the target audience; scripting, filming, sound and presentation.

Beit Miller is a community center dedicated to the advancement of latest media tools and technologies among members of the community in general and youth in particular. Operated by Haifa Municipality and Haifa Rotary Club, the Center focuses on providing tools and knowledge to young people in order to acquire and facilitate leadership skills.