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Corona crisis
Photo by courtesy of Haifa Municipality

During the corona crisis, Haifa Municipality took a number of measures aimed at making life easier for elderly and underprivileged citizens, as well as beckoning the residents to buy at the neighborhood grocery stores, as part of the trend to help local small businesses to survive the financial blow.

In preparation for Passover, five thousand food baskets were distributed to underprivileged families, elderly people, and individuals who were quarantined because of the corona epidemic. The food baskets were packaged and distributed to the residents' homes by hundreds of Haifa Municipality employees, Home Front Command soldiers, volunteers, and youth movement cadets.

Hundreds of the city's elderly citizens appealed 106 City Dispatch to buy their medications during lockdown, as they were afraid to leave their homes in light of the Ministry of Health's directives. Haifa Municipality officers assisted them, collected the prescriptions and went over to the pharmacy stores to purchase the medications and bring them to the homes of the elderly.

Mayor Dr. Einat Kalisch Rotem thanked the many dedicated municipality employees, soldiers and volunteers who toiled to ensure that there was not one single resident of the city lacking holiday foodstuffs.