Saving Lives

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Haifa Technological Center
Photo by courtesy of Haifa Municipality

Haifa Technological Center has joined Air Force Maj. David Alkaher's outstanding initiative to develop the AmboVent, an alternative emergency ventilation system. Within two weeks of nonstop work, and in light of the shortage of ventilators in Israel and around the world, Alkaher and his team managed to develop a prototype of the machine.

Among the partners were robotics groups from Haifa Municipality's Technological Center, the Israeli Air Force Electronics Unit, IAI, Microsoft Israel, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, robotics specialists, medical centers, Magen David Adom and student robotics organization FIRST Israel.

Alkaher and his team have published the machine's open source production specifications over the internet, so that each state can produce the machine according to its understanding and free of charge; this is a non-profit initiative. The production cost of one unit is estimated at 2000 NIS, and it was ranked first place out of forty similar initiatives around the world.