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Photo by Nir Belzitzky

June. This year, a pride rally held in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beersheba was at the center of the pride events held annually in June. The rally took place on June 28, the date in which the Stonewall Riots commenced in New York in 1969, signifying the beginning of the international fight for LGBT rights.

The rally replaced the gay pride parades cancelled due to the Corona epidemic, through a joint resolution made by the four gay houses that represent Israel's four largest and oldest parades.

In Haifa, pride flags flew on the Town Hall and along HaNassi Avenue and Moria Boulevard. The Piano Plaza at Carmel Center was furnished with the rainbow flag colors and the treetops there were adorned with musical and colorful elements. Beit HaKranot Square donned the pride colors combined with fashion items.

Tavor Lahat, holder of the Gay Community Portfolio in Haifa Municipality: "The gay community is an integral part of every enlightened city, and so it is in Haifa. It is exciting to see the efforts of the mayor and my community bear fruit. We will continue to strengthen the gay community, raise the awareness of the residents, and work to allocate additional resources for the benefit of the gay community and all residents of the city, in all areas of life".

Arnon Alloush, Director of the Haifa Communities House: "These days, when the Corona crisis exacerbates the hardships of disadvantaged groups, the personal, economic and mental security of each and every one of us, it is important for us to turn our attention and work to help community members in dealing with the crisis. The pride parades and the struggle for equal rights, equality and security of the community are part of the history and genetic composition of the Haifa LGBT community."