Inauguration Ceremony in Technion

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Inauguration ceremony in Technion
Shitzu Photography/Technion Spokesperson's Office

September. Prof. Uri Sivan took office as 17th president of Technion, succeeding Prof. Peretz Lavie, who ended a 10-year term in office. Attending the inauguration ceremony were Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz; Haifa Mayor Dr. Einat Kalisch Rotem; Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, Prof. Aaron Ciechanover; Board of Governors Chair Scott Leemaster; Technion Council Chair Gideon Frank; former Technion presidents; management and faculty members, among others.

In his remarks, Prof. Sivan spoke of his parents, who immigrated to Israel from Poland in 1936 to study at the Technion, after universities all over Europe closed their doors to Jews. Continuing, he said, "Our success will be measured by our ability to create the necessary synergy to meet the challenges facing humanity. Education will change dramatically. All knowledge is at our fingertips, and universities will have to reinvent themselves in a world where information is accessible to all and updated exponentially.”

Prof. Sivan, 64, a resident of Haifa, is married and a father of three, and served as a pilot in the Israeli Air Force. In 1991, he joined the Faculty of Physics at Technion and is holder of the Bertoldo Badler Chair.