International virtual conference

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International virtual conference
Photo by Cohen Reuven

Sept. At an international virtual conference attended by mayors from Europe and the United States, Haifa Mayor Einat Kalisch Rotem signed a pact to implement a strategic action plan to promote gender equality in the municipality and to act against all forms of discrimination.

The conference was the initiation of Haifa Municipality and Itach-Ma'aki Women Lawyers for Social Justice Association.

The municipality pledged to promote equal participation of women and men in decision-making processes in the municipality and other city institutions, and to represent adequately women from all sectors of the population.

Haifa is Israel's first major city to launch an action plan for assimilating gender thinking and gender equality. In Haifa, the City for All program – initiated by Itach-Ma'aki – is led by Beatrice Rosen-Katz, the Advisor to the Mayor on the Advancement of Gender Equality, and City Council member and Chair of the Committee for Gender Equality Naama Lazimi, alongside professionals and decision makers in the municipality, civil society organizations, businesses, the academia, and women's and youth leadership groups.

Among the participants in the video conference were Deputy Mayor of Helsinki Ms. Nasima Razmyar, Head of Gender mainstreaming Section of Vienna Ms. Ursula Bauer, Mayor of Pittsburg Mr. William Peduto, Mr. Omer Benziony of the US Embassy in Israel, and Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte from Bremen, a sister city of Haifa, who congratulated Kalisch Rotem on this gender action plan and the equality constitution. Haifa and Bremen maintain a formal friendship and intensive partnership since 1978.