About us

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 about us

The City of Haifa’s Foreign Affairs Department which is run under the auspices of the Secretary General’s Office is tasked with the job of telling the city’s story to a wide range of International stakeholders. Short and simple, it’s our job to tell the story of this wonderful city we live in.

Together with David Laxer and his team from Brandalism, we have developed the Hello Haifa website wherein we are telling the different stories that make our wonderful city tick. We have done this in what we hope is an engaging way that shines a light on the different aspects that comprise the city’s fabric. From business and innovation, to the unique co-existence between Jews, Arabs, Christians and Baha’i. From tourism and nightlife, to culture and education. Haifa is thriving and we primarily have its citizens to thank for that.

We are also planning on becoming mor active on social media in the coming year, bringing you updates as they happen.

Wishing you happy reading,

Bracha Sela, Secretary General